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31-07-2008, 03:47 PM   #1

White Meter Heating (Economy 7)

I've just moved into a new flat with white meter heating (economy 7) and electric storage heaters. We also have an electric shower and cooker, so basically we have NO gas.

I know that the eco-7 meter is cheaper at night than your average rate, but more expensive during the day. I'm stil trying to find out the exact times of 'night' but I think it's roughly 11pm - 7am.

So, if I do the vast majority of my cleaning and washing at this time it does save some. Although we do need to cook out of the hours of 11 and 7 unfortunately

But can someone tell me how storage heating works? And having an immersion? We aren't using our heaters at all, but I do live in Scotland and the winters get pretty darned nippy around here. Electric heating is notoriously expensive, but is there a way i can 'store' the heat at night and release it thorugh the day? Can someone explain this to me?

Also any other eco-7 energy saving trips or a recommend provider would be appreciated! I'm still stinging after my first monthly bill

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