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Almost a Veteran Member
Cats owned: Colourpoint persian, and moggies
Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
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22-09-2022, 06:33 AM   #1

Thursday daily.

Good morning ladies. Thursday 5pm here and guess what ? .........We're still stuck in the kitchen with no room to move. It's been a no show from the electricians yesterday and today, but the good news is that they are definitely coming tomorrow at 8am. One of them rang me this afternoon and told me the good news. Hopefully by tomorrow night ,we'll be able to move everything back into the lounge again. I really feel as if I've had a wasted day today, as I haven't done anything at all. I couldn't go out as I didn't know if the electricians were coming or not and I couldn't settle to anything, not even my essay.It's been a nice warm day but I just couldn't be bothered doing any washing either. Now I've just heard it's meant to rain heavily for the next few days .I've got to go down to the medical centre tomorrow afternoon to get my arm checked again, but I think it's definitely getting better and I'll probably not need any more antibiotics.

Rissoles and veges for tea tonight. The BBQ marinade on them smells so . Janna's not very hungry though ,as she's been out all day spending up large (she got paid yesterday). It's her birthday next Wednesday and she's been buying herself a couple of birthday presents. ! She says if she does that, then she knows she'll get what she wants. I suppose there's logic in that .

PAMELA, I hope you are all OK and that your tooth is behaving itself. Not long now until you can get it fixed. I hope that Loona is now on the road to recovery and things are looking a lot brighter. How did Steven get on at Sheffield the other day ? What a long way to go for just a short job. He would have been tired when he finally made it home again.

SHELLEY, how is work going ? I suppose you're busy there.. The pups will be pleased to be home again, I'm sure. I hope Malaika's gums have settled down and that those ostrich bones have helped somewhat. I don't think you can buy ostrich bones here - at least I've never seen them.

Well ladies, no more news to report, so I'll go and check on those rissoles and put on some veges.Oh I'm so looking forward to watching some TV tomorrow night !!!

Have a great Thursday Pamela and Shelley ,and sending healing prayers to Reuben and Loona as always.

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