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Catsey Senior
Cats owned: Colourpoint persian, and moggies
Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Posts: 897
09-06-2021, 05:21 AM   #1

Cool Wednesday.

Good morning everyone.
Wednesday afternoon here and it's a bit chilly today, although no rain.I've had a quiet week so far, just doing a bit of cleaning and going for walks down to the river. There's lots of ducks there but no swans in that part of the river. i believe there are swans further up where the Lotus Spa is, but I haven't seen them. I'll be going to the Spa soon, though ,to get my daughter, Brenna, a voucher for her birthday. It's for a Thai massage for a couple ,followed by afternoon tea in the pagoda. I find it very hard to buy for Brenna, but I think that her and Jared will enjoy the hour long massage, as they both like anything that's a bit different.Only problem is ,I'll have to look after the children and the cats absolutely hate them because of the noise they make. My cats live very sheltered lives here, with very little noise.Perhaps Janna will take the children out somewhere if I ask her nicely.

Curried sausages for tea tonight, followed by a small piece of strawberry cheesecake.I always like anything curryish on a cold night. I normally make my own curried sausages with vegetarian sausages ,which are particularly nice, but our supermarket is finding it difficult to get in certain stock, the sausages being one item they are out of.The pack I got is already made up and I only need to heat it, so I hope it's OK and not too strong.

Cats are all lying here in the lounge, apart from Snoddy who is sleeping on my bed. They all seem to be feeling the cold lately, and Miracle doesn't even want to go outside in the evenings now. I'm keeping an eye on her in case she isn't well, but she seems fine.She's got shorter fur than all the others so I guess she would feel the cold more.

I managed to get season one of The Mentalist on DVD at the local op shop a while ago. I believe it was on TV a few years back but for some reason, I never got into it then. We watched the whole season over a couple of weeks and loved it. so much that I purchased seasons 2 and 3 on trademe and they arrived this morning. Oh, that Simon Baker is so gorgeous !!! i think I'm in love.

PAMELA, I do hope you are having a great week off work and taking full advantage of the sunny weather.Did you enjoy your day out at St Andrews with Steven ? It's nice to spend time together . My late husband and I always made sure we had a date night once a month, even when the kids were babies, and we always went somewhere special on those nights. I'm sorry you didn't pass your motorcycle test but hey, you'll pass with flying colours next time, so don't worry.Congrats on the sale of your motorcycle. At least you've got another one to ride and practise on. I hope you enjoy the ladies ride out tomorrow night and all the best for your second vaccine.

SHELLEY, well ,you'll be back at home now and probably back at work, after your week away in the van. I bet you'll be busy planning your next trip away,seeing you had such a great time.I hope Howard was able to fix the floor in the van easily, so it's all ready for the next adventure. How are the swans doing in the reserve ? I often think of those poor birds sitting on those eggs.

Well everyone, I'm going to see what veges I've got in the fridge for tea. to go with the sausages.
Have a great day everyone, and enjoy your nice sunny weather.

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