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Shelley123's Avatar
Catsey Veteran
Cats owned: NA
Join Date: Nov 2009
Location: Preston UK
Posts: 6,590
17-01-2021, 10:33 AM   #1


Morning and evening,
Plans today, attend the first zoom church service, walk dogs and update my doll database.
There has been a lot of coming and going in the collection.
This evening I will zoom again with friends.
For those with Netflix I can recommend my octopus teacher, a lovely documentary, there is a sad bit.
Yola, did you attend the school quiz?
Pamela, hope you get out on the bikes today.
Dinky, hope you've had no more earthquakes.

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yola's Avatar
Catsey Veteran
Cats owned: 1 Persian and one b/w moo-cat mog
Join Date: Oct 2005
Location: Reading, Berkshire, UK
Posts: 12,735
17-01-2021, 01:54 PM   #2

Re: Sunday

Shelley - I didn’t attend the school quiz - totally forgot, silly me.

Today I’ve taken the older boy to his weekend maccieD’s job and popped to sainsbury next door to it for some bird food for the wild birds. Nabbed the very last bag of dreamies for Dexter too!

Then I have sorted out the fridge as OH just buys stuff and rams it into the fridge anywhere without checking what goes where and what we have. 3 jars of half-used cornichons lol. Idiot.

Not sure what I’ll do now. House is clean and tidy, no ironing to do as I told the boys to bring their wash bags down and neither did so I only washed our stuff lol.

Enjoy your Sunday ladies x

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pamela81's Avatar
Catsey Veteran
Cats owned: 2 domestic short haired
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Cumbernauld, scotland
Posts: 3,472
17-01-2021, 05:03 PM   #3

Re: Sunday

Hi Shelley and Yola,

Shelley how was your zoom service? I do hope you enjoyed. Enjoy your zoom call with friends

Yola, thats good you got the last bag of dreamies, its something my 2 aren't really fussed about. I was up and about this morning, let the dogs out and cleaned the kitchen and litter trays whilst waiting for the kettle boiled. My worktops just needed a good wipe as the rest of the house is fine.

We went for a big walk this morning and changed our route and ended up doing 5.4mile which we enjoyed. Came home and went food shopping an it was actually quite a healthy shop for us. I am making Louisiana chicken tonight never made it before so will be interesting to see if it turns out!!

Also started the bikes up in teh garden, still not quite right conditions for a run on them and lockdown means we cant leave the local area. Mine started but was cutting out as soon as i put it into gear so with a bit of perseverance and possibly a few bad words at it, i footered about with some bit s on it an got it working!! Took it for a quick 0min run and all is good so i can sit and relax tonight as it would bother me if i didnt get it running properly!!

Going to go and start preparing my dinner! wish me luck!!!

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