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Catsey Senior
Cats owned: Colourpoint persian, and moggies
Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Posts: 822
17-09-2020, 12:01 PM   #1


Good morning everyone,
It's Thursday evening here and raining heavily , although the day was nice and warm. Haven't done much today except go to the doctor. She tells me my leg pain is coming from my lower back and has sent me for x-rays and scans. Not sure how long I have to wait but she made it urgent. Funny though, my back isn't sore at all. I've been given some strong pain killers but haven't taken any so far as I don't have to. My leg does seem to be a little better today anyway, but I won't go back to Tai Chi until I know something definite.

My cats are going totally nuts, racing all through the house , because of the rain. They always act like this when the weather changes.I got the RC cat biscuits today, and wonder of wonders, all of them, except Snodgrass ,are eating them. I'll try and hand feed Snoddy some, which might get him to try them.

SHELLEY,hope you have a good day at work today. Have you and Howard heard back from Eric yet? I'm sure he'll get in touch soon.

PAMELA, nearly the end of the week for you as well, then you've got the weekend to look forward to.I hope you get nice weather for your camping trip.

I'm still watching old re-runs of The Avengers. Gosh, Diana Rigg was certainly beautiful. Some of those episodes are quite spooky but at least there's no swearing in them, which is quite refreshing.

Well everyone,gotta go and put the cats away in their room for the night, all except Snoddy who doesn't get locked away- he sleeps with me. I tried leaving the others out all night now that I don't have Willow, but they didn't settle down and kept jumping on us all night. They've always been used to being shut in a bedroom at night anyway.I let them all out early in the morning and they have plenty of food to chomp on all through the night, so they're happy.

Have a good Thursday everyone and stay safe.

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