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Catsey Senior
Cats owned: Colourpoint persian, and moggies
Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Posts: 821
11-09-2020, 10:17 AM   #1

Friday Daily.

Good morning Pamela and Shelley and anyone else who may look in.
Friday ,early evening here after a rainy day, but I hear it's going to be sunny tomorrow again. Haven't done much today except try to brush all the cats. I'm still working on a few new matts on Snoddy and now Dickens as well. I've never known these cats to matt so much, and they literally do so overnight.I don't want to send them to a groomer while the weather is still so changeable as I'm frightened they'll feel the cold. They still didn't want to go outside tonight. I was the stupid idiot standing outside on the back lawn freezing, while they were all standing at the conservatory looking at me. !!!

Brenna (eldest daughter) called in earlier after work and brought me a small soft toy of a mastiff in a sort of soft furry minky fabric. It's double sided, with a front and back view and it's beautiful. I will now have a mastiff in my bed again ! She told me she ordered it from America. Brenna's shoulder is still really bruised and she is having physio on it, as well as taking pain killers and muscle relaxants. No more martial arts classes for her for a while.

Going to watch a couple of re -runs of The Avengers tonight on DVD in memory of Diana Rigg. I loved her character in Game of Thrones and I was sad when I heard that she had passed away today.

PAMELA, my speedy friend, how great that your running is going well and you are enjoying it again.I hope work goes good for you today and you don't have too much on. At least it's Friday and you can look forward to the weekend. Aren't you lucky having a wonderful, thoughtful husband who brought you in a nice meal the other day. I hope the sun shines for you today ,Pamela.

SHELLEY,hope work is going great for you too, and you aren't working too hard. I don't suppose you've heard how poor Eric is getting on. I do hope he's improving a little.I just need to ask you - how are basenji dogs with children generally ? Do they make nice family pets ? Brenna is thinking of getting one as a family pet. She was after a Shiba Inu but there is a 5 year wait for a puppy in NZ and she particularly wanted to get a dog to grow up with the children. Brenna works long hours but Jared, her husband, only works mornings away from home. The dog would be alone for aprox 5 hours a day until Jared got home. Would a basenji be able to cope with this or are they fairly needy and prefer company.? I told her I would ask you. I personally feel she should get a young rescue dog because she would give it a great home, but that's just my opinion and I try and keep my big mouth shut !!

Well everyone, have a safe day and may the sun shine for you both.I'm off to watch Steed and Emma Peel solve the world's problems.

Love to all Catsey cats ,dogs and their guardians.

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