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27-08-2020, 09:00 AM   #1


Hello Pamela and Dinky,
Yes had a nice walk yesterday, later than planned as it rained really hard and Malaika and Kwame don't do rain,lol .
Eric was slightly better when we visited yesterday, he's getting support but it will be a long road back.
Bit more housework and then I have some doll repairs to get my teeth into.
Dinky, snap i decided to clean out the bathroom cabinet too, hope the kitties have settled and you haven't had anymore quakes.
Pamela, good that you are able to keep busy, today you will be able to think of all the lovely things about your mum.

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Catsey Senior
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27-08-2020, 11:58 AM   #2

Re: Thursday

Hi Shelley and Pamela,
Thursday evening here after a sunny day although not exactly hot.We've had no more quakes and the cats have settled down again.Janna tried to take them outside again today but none of them wanted to go past the steps again. Even Miracle ,who always wanted to get out, is now refusing to go out onto the back lawn. I'll try taking them out myself tomorrow. I've been cleaning out the hall cupboard today and getting rid of some old towels and pillowcases.It was difficult because I've got all that carpet and underlay lying in the hallway but managed to get a bit done

SHELLEY, sorry about the heavy rain yesterday. I don't blame your two boys strongly objecting to walking in such conditions.AND what a shame about Eric. At least he has you both back now and hopefully that will make all the difference.I bet your bathroom cabinet doesn't have as much junk in it that mine did. I'm sure it looks good now.You'll be looking forward to doing those doll repairs too.

PAMELA, I'm sure the memorial cards you are working on will be beautiful.I hope that you find a small sense of peace and comfort when thinking of all the wonderful memories you shared with your mum and I know there must be many. At the same time, I know this must be a very hard time for you all and I'm so pleased that you were able to do something that you enjoy and go running with your friend.At least it gave you a break from all the pressure. I am praying for you all.

Well, I'm off to bed now.Snoddy keeps coming into the lounge to check what I'm doing. He waits all day for me to go to bed, so he can lie right up on my pillow and purr away.He could never do that when I had Willow because he was always getting squashed. by her.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day and the sun shines for you.

Love to all Catsey cats,dogs and their guardians.

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