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pamela81's Avatar
Catsey Veteran
Cats owned: 2 domestic short haired
Join Date: Aug 2010
Location: Cumbernauld, scotland
Posts: 3,886
24-01-2023, 08:53 AM   #1

Tuesday daily

Good morning ladies,

Just on my way to work on the train and thought I would do a daily.

Dinky how was your Thai takeaway? I bet it was nice! Iíve never actually tried Thai food. How are the cats today? Hopefully doing ok with the heat. What a shame your groomer is closing at the end of January. I do hope she can recommend another who can groom the kitties. Have jack and Vera been visiting?

Shelley, how to deal with Malaika being in season? This is new to us with Robyn and the only season she will be having with us. She is just coming to the last day of bleeding but she has been keeping herself clean and we have only had a few days of extra floor cleaning. We had our first ďshooingĒ of a male dog away this morning. Steven said to the guy Robyn was in season and he still kept his dog off lead letting him come up to Robyn. I wasnít impressed so it was getting told off and pushed away from her. We never meet anyone on our walks but it was like a dog walkers paradise this morning and there were a few dogs out. How long will it take to have your dads house rewired?

The new tv is great but itís not wall mounted yet but that is the plan once we get our decorating done.

Not really much happening. Robyn had her play date with Freya on Sunday and it was lovely to see 3 brittanies together as we took Mia with us as well. The mannerisms are so similar with the 3 girls! The girls didnít really play together but they ran about together at times. Robyn has been hard work the last few days on walks. She seems really hyper and not sure if itís her season doing it or she is just being a rascal! Iíve started the whistle training again and will continue to work on it now.

My car finally goes to the garage next week to get fixed. Not sure how long it will be away for. Hopefully not too long. We have taken Wednesday to Friday off next week so we can get the living room stripped and ready for papering.

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