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30-11-2022, 07:28 AM   #1

Wednesday daily

Good morning ladies,
Wednesday nearly 7pm here and it's blowing a bit of a gale outside. It''s been terrible weather up north last night and today, and it's meant to be coming down here now. I've been on my own all day, wrapping up presents. Janna finishes work shortly at 7pm, so I hope she doesn't get blown over out there. Just chicken and vege soup and toast for tea tonight, but i'll wait until Janna gets home and we'll eat together.

My doctor's visit yesterday went well and my BP was a bit low, but not dramatically so. I've got to have some blood tests on Friday, so I've booked that in for 12.10pm. Janna has now decided to go to the xmas party at work now. Don't know what made her change her mind. She's working that day anyway, until 5pm, and then the party starts at 5pm until 7pm.

Brenna and Jared dropped in yesterday morning and bought Janna and me an "Advent Calendar".each. What it is is a wicker basket with white and red lining, filled with 24 small gifts each, all individually wrapped by her and numbered. I can open number 1 tomorrow.She has also done this for her children as well. My number 24 gift is a Dyson Pure, which is now sitting in its box in the hallway, to be opened on Christmas Eve.. I feel thoroughly spoilt and I wish she hadn't spent so much money.Oren's been playing up and wanting to come and stay this weekend so they'll drop him off here on Friday night. He's been looking forward to doing some baking. Janna's working the whole weekend, so I'll be able to devote my whole time to Oren.

Cats are all OK, but they don't like the sound of the wind. They probably won't want to go out tonight, but I'll try them.

PAMELA, hope you are over your bug now. I've had bad sinus all day but it's eased off now. I hope all went well with the dog walker yesterday. How's Barney doing ?Still eating well I hope . Your dad must be looking forward to going away again. Hopefully he managed to get those chocolates that Steven's stepdad made. How is Steven's new job going ? Well, I'm sure ,and I feel he'll be a lot happier now.

SHELLEY, how's that book going ? I hope you finally have it in your hands and it's everything you dreamed of. Hope you ,Howard, Chris and the pups are all doing well.

Well ladies, I'm off to give the birds another feed, then wait for Janna to get home. I'm getting hungry and am looking forward to that soup.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and hope the weather isn't too cold for you both.

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30-11-2022, 07:21 PM   #2

Re: Wednesday daily

Good evening ladies,

Dinky, i love the sound of Brenna's advent calendar. It must be hard not to open the new hoover with it just sitting there!! Glad your doctors appointment went well. Has the wind calmed down any? I really dont like the sound of the wind when we are in bed. We are upstairs and it sounds awful when its windy.

I hope you have a lovely weekend with Oren, sounds like he loves spending time with his gran!!

Shelley, i hope all is good with you.

I was on my day off today, went and saw my dad and then went to my friends house for a catch upas i havent seen her in a while. Mia was poorly yesterday, she was quiet when the dog walker was in and when we were in after work and after dog school. Had her up with us last night which was interesting! she normally just settles on the bed with us but was really unsettled last night.

Back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to the weekend as we are going o cut down our christmas tree! Never been to a christmas tree farm before and really fancied it this year as we get our real tree form the garden centre but you never know how fresh they are there so this year it will be as fresh as it possibly can be!!

Robyn also graduated from doggy school, she did so well last night

Just relaxing tonight so nothing much exciting!!

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