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01-01-2015, 10:12 PM   #1

How Do I Interpret This?

Little by little Cheddar is getting used to Karitsa. He will sometimes waltz into the same room as her and do his own thing, other times he avoids her and stays out of the same room.

Just now Karitsa was laying on the floor just hanging out with me in the kitchen and Cheddar comes through the cat door from the laundry room and waltzes over to her and says hi. Then he waltzes into the other room and comes back into the kitchen. Karitsa was standing at this point, not chasing nor staring at him, and he hisses at her as he's approaching her then takes several steps more than flops over onto his back right in front of her purring for several seconds. Then he gets up and goes back through the cat door back into the laundry room and gives a little swipe, no contact just a warning.

How do I interpret this chain of events? Cats are so confusing sometimes

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Catsey Senior
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01-01-2015, 10:57 PM   #2

Re: How Do I Interpret This?

I think he wants to play. Huggins and our youngest lurcher Tess, play all the time. Tess tries to bite Huggins' legs off and Huggins bites Tess in the face. They don't hurt each other, good job really cos Huggins is only as big as Tess's head.

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01-01-2015, 11:24 PM   #3

Re: How Do I Interpret This?

Yes, he's probably wanting to play but is unsure and testing reactions. Pip does similar behaviour with Dora and all goes well because Pip does not run - if he did I am afraid Dora would be on him like a shot, so I will never allow them together unsupervised. When all is calm between them, Dora gets bored and walks off - she gets a lot of praise for doing that.

(Dora is a 2 year old lurcher x)

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08-03-2016, 10:16 AM   #4

Re: How Do I Interpret This?


I have two cats named Mimi and Baby. Mimi is 4 yrs and Baby is 3yrs. They fight constantly. Every time they pass each other they have to fight. After they fight Baby has to go and go to the bathroom on the floor. I really need that to stop. Please help.


P.S. On the poll if there is something that you like to use that is not on here please post it on this thread. My avatar is Baby.

the BEST soft for [Sys edit: Contains pet forums] / VK / Forums / Blogs promotion!

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