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19-09-2019, 07:36 AM   #1

Poor Frederick.

Hi everyone. my cat, Frederick has been very sick. Last weekend ,he started being sick every 15 minutes. I thought that he was trying to bring up a furball, as he is very fluffy and he does have a problem with furballs. By day 2 (Sunday) he started to look awfully unwell, lethargic, still trying to be sick, not eating at all and not going to the toilet. I gave him some furlax for hairballs but that night there was still nothing and the cat could hardly walk. He was also crying when Janna picked him up. So I took him to the emergency vet at 9pm Sunday night. Freddy had 2 injections , one for pain relief and another anti -nausea one to stop him trying to be sick. He was also hydrated. The vet believed it wasn't a furball as the cat was too sick, but it was some internal obstruction possibly due to him injesting clumping litter. That stuff sets like cement inside a cat. i took him home and my daughter sat with him all night, but the anti-nausea meds stopped him trying to be sick. We were prepared to take him back to our own vet the next day, but he got a lot brighter overnight. My own vet said if he was able to eat a little, then wait and things might resolve. We had to hand feed him chicken and we watched. It took until Wednesday before he finally went to the toilet I was never so pleased to see a cat use a litterbox.I think he must have known that he was going to be back at the vet on Thursday if he hadn't been. He's fine now, eating and drinking well, and going to the toilet normally.Now I just have to find a cat litter that they will all use ,as I'm definitely NOT going to be using clumping litter again.

Thanks for listening to me rave on, but I know you'll all understand how worried we all were.

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19-09-2019, 08:20 PM   #2

Re: Poor Frederick.

aww dinky, how awful for you and poor frederick!! Glad he is soo much better now!

a lot of the symptoms are the same or very similar to when Harris was poorly. He didnt eat, was lethargic and didnt use the litter tray. When he finally did, we did the "poo poo" dance hahaha as it was such a relief when he finally did go!!

Please keep us posted on how frederick is doing. They are always a worry when they arent well.

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