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Almost a Veteran Member
Cats owned: Colourpoint persian, and moggies
Join Date: Dec 2013
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
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05-08-2022, 06:32 AM   #1

Friday daily.

Good morning ladies,
Friday 5pm here and it 's not raining. The sun even came out for a time and I managed to get some washing nice and dry. Tomorrow's meant to be fine as well, so I'll put another wash on shortly and hang it out early tomorrow morning.

No more bathing of the cats has been necessary, since I stopped the new wet food. Janna has a few scratches but they're all OK. Thanks to both of you for wishing Janna luck in her job hunting. She's applied for a couple more jobs today, but it takes ages for employers to get back to you and sometimes they don't even bother. I so wish she'd do a confidence building course for women wanting to find work. There's a free 4 week one in town, and they help with CV's and preparation for job interviews etc. Unfortunately Janna is painfully shy and looks and acts very young for her age. It doesn't help. Still, I mustn't be negative, and I keep telling her that she will get something if she just keeps applying.

Today has been exactly one month since I lost Dickens. I can't believe it's been that long. I can still see him so clearly. I said a rosary for him and Willow at 2pm this afternoon and managed to use up nearly a full box of tissues in the process !! I feel a bit better now, though. Tomorrow I'll go out and weed the little raised garden because I want to sit his plaque there. The plaque is a wee bit big to keep inside with his ashes.

Fish and veges for tea tonight My cousin rang today ,but won't be coming round to see me for a while yet as she says there is too much covid around Christchurch. I hope that is the only reason. She seems fine now, and we're talking OK, so I guess I just have to go with what she says.

PAMELA, only one week to go now and I know I'm getting really excited, so you must be just about bursting. !!! I hope your new work colleague fits in well. Did you manage to get your friend on your team ? I bet you had a good sleep last night after your motorbike meet the night before. Your poor dad with a cut finger. Hopefully it will heal up quickly for him and he can keep the bandage dry - that's always the hard part. AND Loonah is continuing to do well on the new food, thank goodness. I bet your MIL is relieved.

SHELLEY, I'm glad you're having nice weather on your holiday. That woodland walk on Tuesday sounds lovely. I bet the pups enjoyed it as well. AND you're up to proofreading your book already. I didn't realise you were just about finished it. How exciting. You must be very proud of yourself, and rightly so. What a wonderful tribute to your great aunt. and a great piece of family history to hand on. I think I'd better get your autograph now, before you become rich and famous. !!!

Well ladies, off now to take the cats out for a bit. , then tea.

Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy the weather.

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