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Cats owned: Colourpoint persian, and moggies
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Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
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24-11-2022, 07:25 AM   #1

Thursday daily.

Good morning ladies,
Thursday 6.30pm here after a nice day, but there's meant to be thunder and rain tonight. Just heard a rumble of thunder before ,but it's not raining as yet. The sky is coming over very dark though. I haven't been up to much lately.I went to the nurse for a BP check yesterday and it was really low again. Can't seem to get it regulated - it goes up and down all the time it seems. I have to make a doctor's appointment for next week and I'll see what this new doctor has to say. This low BP makes me feel light headed at times, so I hope it can be rectified.Yesterday, I did a bit of shopping after seeing the nurse and got most of what I wanted, but still no cat litter. The kittens are now using a non- clumping litter but they don't like it. Snoddy won't use it at all. I've got the floor around the litter boxes covered with newspaper and he goes on that ,then I change it. It's not ideal though.We've also got a huge shortage of cooking foil ie, there's none at all. I use it all the time, so will have to look for an alternative if there is one.

Janna is off work until Saturday. She's been cleaning out her drawers and getting rid of lots of stuff. She's not bidding on any shifts now that end at 9pm, as it's getting too dangerous to walk to the bus interchange on her own after that. There's too many street gangs hanging around. Unfortunately she's been rostered on until 9pm on Monday next week, but I hope that will be her last late shift, for a while anyway.

I'm heading off to Bishopdale on Saturday. I was planning to go tomorrow, but I've got some lady coming round to drop off a diary that I bought for my sister for xmas. i bought it online from Paper Plus, but the parcel that arrived today contained a book, not a diary. I rang the store where it was sent from, and the manager said she would bring the diary around tomorrow and i can give her the book. i was pleased coz the store is a long long way from here, and I don't have a car.

Just going to have soup for tea tonight as we had a big lunch. Cats are all OK, still needy though, and they don't like the hot weather we've been having They're going to hate summer. Jack and Vera haven't been around for a few days, but the magpies come every day. and the wee wild birds are always there. Janna's just come in from feeding them now. Still no word from my Bible study .I'm just hoping the teachers have a lot of marking to do at the moment. I hope I didn't fail that test essay. Ladies, I'm so pleased that both of you haven't started/completed your xmas shopping yet. I've got to get a move on and finish mine, as I'm always trying to do it at the last minute and getting all stressed. Also ,I hate wrapping things up on xmas eve, which I seem to end up doing every year.

PAMELA,how nice that you've got a few days off now, just to relax and be with the dogs and cats. I'm glad you got good vibes from the dog walker that you're hiring, and that she got on well with the pups and Harris. That's always a good sign. Please be careful if and when you let her take Robyn off the property though. I know that won't be for a while yet. Wow.... Robyn starting fly-ball in January. Of course she'll love it. I hope you have a great visit with your dad and nephew today. Did your dad have a nice time in Germany ? I'm so sorry that your nephew split with his girlfriend. I do hope he's OK over it. I know it's hard, but he is very young and he'll most certainly meet many more nice girls in the future. Lots of luck with your xmas shopping on Friday - hope you get what you're looking for. and find the perfect gift for Steven. How is your toe now ? Hopefully it's a lot better now.

SHELLEY,, last weekend sounded like a really good one for you. That ice cream parlour is a fantastic place to meet before the doll club meeting, and then on Sunday, having a lovely lunch with your cousins must have been enjoyable. have you heard anything about your book copies yet ? If you haven't got them yet, they must be close. I'm so pleased that you are pleased with the finished doll and that it is a good likeness of your great aunt. Do you plan to put the doll on display in your doll room ? You must be very organized, Shelley, if you don't have to think about xmas shopping until December. I guess if you know what you are going to buy everyone, it's not so bad.

Well ladies, I'm going to heat up some vege soup now for both of us. Oh yes, just heard this afternoon that the top 3 dog names in NZ for 2022 are Luna, Bella and Coco. Not sure why I included that useless piece of information.

Have a great Thursday ladies.

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pamela81's Avatar
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Cats owned: 2 domestic short haired
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Location: Cumbernauld, scotland
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24-11-2022, 09:24 AM   #2

Re: Thursday daily.

Morning Dinky,

Glad to hear you still have the magpies coming to visit. Thats rubbish about the not being able to get the cat litter the kitties like, it is so frustrating at times as i have the same issue. I actually need to try and get some today as i bought other stuff yesterday to keep us going but it is fine wood shavings instead of pellets. I do hope you can get other tin foil. We always find when we need it, we have run out!

I do hope the cats cope when the summer comes in and they arent too hot. Please take care if your blood pressure is making you feel light headed.

I think your bible study teachers will just be working through all the essays so i wouldnt worry about not hearing as i am sure you have smashed it!

Shelley, glad you had a nice weekend, it sounded lovely. Was it not a bit cold for ice cream though? Do you have any plans for this weekend?

I am sitting chilling just now as it is too early to head over and see dad. He wont be out of his bed yet!! Robyn was a wild child on her walk today, but there will be good days and not so good days with the training and thats ok. Im sure tomorrow will be better The dog walker wont be taking her out for a long time. I want to make sure she is better trained so there is less chance of her slipping her lead. The girl understood that last night and knows where i am coming from. She starts next week so i need to get my key back from my dad today which he never uses anyway!

Dad had a good time in Germany. He is off to Latvia at teh start of December which i dont think is the best idea but he is going with a couple of friends this time at least.

My nephew will be fine. As you say he is young and it was his first proper relationship. I actually messaged the girl last night as she is a lovely girl just to say i hope her and the little one are doing ok and she gave me a bit of an insight as to why they split which i didnt ask for.

Have a great day ladies, Dinky i hope you enjoyed your soup

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