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Cats owned: Ginger/White, Black/White, Tabby
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05-10-2014, 09:00 PM   #1

The Mousehole Cat

This one is based on the legend of the Mousehole Cat, which is the subject of an animated video and a beautifully illustrated book by Nicola Bayley ...

A tale I have I'd like to tell
'bout Cornwall in the west
Far out along Penwith's fair strand
The part I know the best

On the southern coast there lies
a village with strange name
Mousehole is the way it's spelt
Mow-zel is it's name

One winter time, legend do tell
a mighty wind did blaw
The sea did roar, the snow did fall
The waves crashed on the shore

All the little boats around
couldn't go out fishin'
Moored in tight along the shore
'Twern't for want of wishin'

At last one old and hardy soul
Tom Bawcock, kind and brave
had to fish, his only goal
the village for to save

He headed out into the storm
his cat, Mouser, as well
Left his cottage snug and warm
and sailed out into hell

The great storm cat was waiting there
It's claws were flashing white
Mouser turned her face to him
and sang into the night

The storm was calmed, the fishing done
Tom Bawcock headed home
His bravery had saved the day
No longer need he roam

Fish he'd caught, so many sorts
It was enough to feed
the village of so many souls
It satisfied their need

Now 'tis said at Christmas time
a pie the pub do bake
Cod and ling and everything
sardines and some hake

And now the cats from all the town
do sit at pubs back door
To sing aloud old Mousers name
Remembered evermore

Video ...

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