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Catsey Senior
Cats owned: Colourpoint persian, and moggies
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Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
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26-08-2017, 11:04 PM   #1

Super Sunday.

Good morning Pamela and all on Catsey. It's Sunday morning here and a warm ,sunny day. I'm waiting for my godson to come round and do some more work on the bathroom My cats are not happy about it as they will have to be locked in the spare room while Pete is here and they hate the noise. Pete is going to be sanding the walls today and then painting with an anti mould paint and when that's done, he will be able to put in the shower, bath, vanity etc. I haven't chosen them yet but he will advise me. Oh it will be so great to have a bathroom after being without one for over 3 years. We had to take showers at our local sports stadium and they were either freezing cold or far too hot. You can't regulate the water and have to keep pressing a button every 20 seconds to keep the water flowing.OH IT WILL BE SHEER BLISS !!!!!We also haven't had hot water in the house for so long now that I've forgotten the luxury of being able to wash my hands in hot water, but in a few more weeks, everything will be fine again (hopefully).

All my kitties are doing well although poor Dickens may have to go to a groomer and be combed out. He has matts on his sides and he is the only one that HATES being brushed.He also seems to be the one with the thickest fur unfortunately.

Willow, my Mastiff has just turned 9 years old ,give or take a few months. She is getting on for a Mastiff but apart from her arthritis, she seems to be doing fine.The vet gives her synovan injections once a month but unfortunately after her near fatal reaction to Rimadyl, she can't take the NSAID drugs commonly used for arthritis.Still, she is able to get up and down, albeit slowly and once up, can walk normally and eats well.She still has a good quality of life and is happy and for me ,that is the main thing.I pray every day that I'll have her for at least another year.

Pamela, I'm glad that your furbabies are all doing well and I'm thrilled that your stall went well for you.What are your snuffle mats made of? A lady here on Trademe makes them out of recycled fabric and I've often thought of getting Willow one, but she is such a chewer and ripper that she would eat the treats and then tear the mat apart.

Oh yes, my cats are being treated to a new cat tree with huge platforms, especially designed for huge cats. They have one but it was just a cheapie one and I find that the cheap ones have small platforms that are only suitable for smaller cats. Dickens and Frederick are both huge cats - now 8+ kg each and Snoddy and Betsey May are both in the 7kg range. Only Miracle is a bit smaller. I had to lay buy the new cat tree but will have it paid off in 2 more weeks and they will have fun on it.

Anyway, I do hope that everyone is having a great day and that all Catsey cats, dogs etc are doing well and enjoying life. I'll keep you all updated on the bathroom progress.Best of luck for that new business, Pamela.

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pamela81's Avatar
Catsey Veteran
Cats owned: 2 domestic short haired
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Location: Cumbernauld, scotland
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27-08-2017, 08:47 AM   #2

Re: Super Sunday.

gosh dinky sounds like a busy time for you!! I cant imagine what it has been like t not have a bathroom or hot water x.

happy birthday WIllow when it comes You will need to post a picture of your new cat tree!! I need to get my 2 a new 1 but will need to wait until after i come back from holiday!

My snuffle mats are made of fleecy blankets that i cut up specially for the mats. Really pleased with how it is going but i am preferring to d shows instead of a website. Atleast i now where i am with the stalls and it gets interest from people all over. I usually say to people who say their dogs will chew is only give it to them for 5 - 10mins at a time then take it away and keep it as a high value treat and they are less likely to chew it.

Realised this morning that tomorrow is Harris's 7th gotcha day!! cant believe it has been 7 years we have had him! Wee soul has been through so much in those 7 years but is thriving just now

hope you have a lovely day x take care

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